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Arizona Trail Detailed Topo Maps 2013-2014 edition

Now Available from the Arizona Trail Association website
and select outdoor retailers throughout Arizona

Arizona Trail topo map CD - click for larger view of jewel case artwork front & back

129 high-detail, 3D hill-shaded maps, with 800+ named waypoints and useful elevation profiles on each map! Developed by Simblissity.net working with Postholer.com and available for purchase from the Arizona Trail Association.

This all-in-one mapset contains all of the detailed topographic maps you'll need to navigate the Arizona National Scenic Trail between Mexico and Utah. Here you'll find a total of 129 high-resolution image files showing the trail, terrain features, mileages, points of interest and much more, all viewable and printable from your computer's desktop using the included Image Viewer freeware program (or your favorite image viewing software). Available on CD-ROM and as a digital download, this mapset also features a Data Book for the entire trail, containing detailed information about important features along the way, including water sources and resupply locations. The Data Book and maps are quickly and easily cross-referenced in the field, and together these resources serve as an indispensable aid to planning and realizing an enjoyable outing along the Arizona Trail, whether for the day, a weekend, or a multi-week thru-hike.

All maps are formatted for printing on 8.5" x 11" bright white, high resolution, or waterproof printer paper; in most cases it should be possible to print on both sides of a sheet to conserve paper and weight.

Each map features:

  • Completely digitized content for unrivaled detail, accuracy, and uniformity - no out-of-date scanned quad maps here!
  • 3D hill shading
  • An easy-to-follow trail trace showing current & alternate routes of the Arizona Trail
  • Accumulated trail mileage every mile (great for thru-hikers)
  • Detailed elevation chart
  • Nearest resupply locations listed
  • 1:28,000 scale with grid marks for compatibility with your handheld GPS unit
  • Nearly 800 data book points shown, including water sources, gateway communities and more
  • 8.5" x 11" (21.6cm x 27.9cm) format for easy printing from PC or Mac computers
  • Includes a companion data book (PDF) and instructions for use

System requirements: 320 MB available hard disk space (if optionally saving to your computer), CD-ROM drive, color InkJet or LaserJet printer (or access to a professional document printing service). PC and Mac compatible. (FastStone Image Viewer only will not run on Mac systems. Other freeware applications readily available online for download.)

sample map - click for enlarged view

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Disclaimer: While it is our hope and endeavor that this map set will allow experienced hikers to avoid most navigational problems and will contribute to a rewarding adventure along the trail, we do not guarantee the 100% accuracy of these maps and waypoints and assume no responsibility for their use or misuse. Hiking, backpacking, and trail riding inherently involve some risk, so be sure to use these maps as part of an overall approach to maintaining safety in the backcountry, and do not assume their endorsement of a particular road, trail, or creek crossing, etc. Conditions in the field can change, sometimes quickly, and property boundaries can be redrawn to exclude public access. In short, use the maps and benefit from them, but use your skills and your awareness too. And always keep your options open when determining the safest and most practical direction of travel.


Copyright © 2014 Simblissity Ultralight Designs


Arizona Trail
Detailed Topo Maps

(carried over; new version coming late Fall 2015)

CD-ROM / download with printable maps, data book & more

This product is available exclusively from the Arizona Trail Association. You will be redirected to www.aztrail.org and will be placing an order through the ATA online store.


G.E.T. Topo Map Set

CD-ROM / download with printable maps, GPS waypoints & more

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