Rediscover the American Southwest!

The Grand Enchantment Trail is a
770+ mile wilderness trekking route across the Southwest U.S., connecting mountains, deserts, canyons, and places of cultural and historic interest. Beginning in the Sonoran desert near Phoenix Arizona, the route meanders eastward, crossing unique and diverse Sky Island mountain ranges, deep and water-blessed desert canyons, the pine-studded Continental Divide, and toward the southernmost Rocky Mountains, where it descends dramatically to the outskirts of Albuquerque New Mexico at its distant terminus.

If you've ever felt the pull of wild places...

of warm dry air and strong desert sun,
of thorny deserts and forested summits,
sheer-walled canyons and deafening silence,
ancient cultures and dusty main streets,
and the challenge and reward of walking
through a rugged, little-known land...

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Getting lost in America is still possible! With the number of people on the planet all sharing the same breathing room it seems a glorious luxury to have miles of wild all to ourselves. The fact that there is so much wild to get lost in, is in itself nothing short of a miracle.  - Lori & Christian, GET long-distance hikers

Now's the time to help pioneer this rollicking & occasionally unsigned itinerary across 14 mountain ranges, 12 wilderness areas, seldom-seen canyons, real ghost towns, and nights so starry you feel like you could float away."  - Backpacker Magazine

The Southwest's most stunning hike."
- National Geographic Adventure


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